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Exhibitor FAQ

What's included in my booth fee?
Your booth consists of bare floor exhibit space with draped walls and carpeted floor aisles in the exhibit hall. Walls, lighting, carpet, etc. can be ordered separately from our official show suppliers via the Service Order Forms page.  We highly recommend ordering lighting to highlight your products.

Am I required to possess $5,000,000 General Liability Insurance Coverage and where do I send a copy of my insurance certificate?
No, you are not required to submit proof of $5,000,000 General Liability Insurance Coverage for your booth.  

How do I register for my exhibitor badge?
As of October, all exhibitors could register for their reps and badges online. Your booth rental includes 2 reps and badges must be worn by all working in the booth.  It is a $157.50 (GST included in price) additional cost for others in the booth.

When can I start to move in at the RBC Convention Centre?

All exhibitors have been assigned a move-in day, Thursday, April 21st from 12 noon – 8 pm.  The registration desk is open only from 12-5 for exhibitor badge pickup and the display company, Central Display, will be on hand until 8 pm.  The tradeshow area closes at 8 pm.  Your booth should be completely set up by 8 pm.  If something unexpected comes up for move-in, you can complete your move in on the following day at 6- 6:30 am ONLY.

Where do I tell my driver to go to deliver my booth materials?
All vehicles must report to the third floor docks-North side during your designated move-in time.  From there your vehicle will be directed to a designated off-loading area as it becomes available.   

How high can my walls be?
Different height restrictions apply to different Booth Types. If you have a common wall with another exhibitor (this includes back walls and side walls), it will be 10’ in back height and 3 foot side height. Above that height written approval must be granted by Show Management.  

Can I hang something over my booth?
With prior approval from the RBC Convention Centre, booths may suspend signage from the ceiling structure of the exhibit hall.  All booths will have a show card with their company name on it at the top of the back wall in their booth.  It is black printing on a white background; 10” x 44”.

Can I serve food or beverage in my booth?
No.  All food and beverage arrangements are provided through the host organization, the MDA.  There are dual buffets for food and drink throughout the tradeshow. They are located on the north and south walls only and we have lounge areas and standing cocktail tables as well.   

Marketing FAQ

Privacy Statement
The MDA is compliant with all Privacy Laws and Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. We do not sell or provide our attendee lists to anyone.

Who do I contact regarding the exhibitor listing? How do I change my company information?
Your company listing will be updated on the website once you fill out the registration form.  

What is the Floorplan going to look like? CLICK HERE to View
MDA reserves the right to alter the floorplan to meet optimal use of space.

What types of social media platforms does the MDA use?
The MDA actively engages its online fans through inspirational and shareable content on all areas of design on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Announce your participation by liking and following us online and ‘like’, retweet, and share show news and updates! Help us spread the word as we gear up for MDA 2022 Convention – We Miss Your Smile

How many people attend the show?
The MDA 2017 Dentistry and all that Jazz attracted 2500 attendees over 2 days. 2019 Convention had 1800 attendees.

Is professional photography and video recording allowed on the show floor?
Professional booth photography should occur outside of the show hours.

What marketing and promotional opportunities are there?
Help attendees find the products and services they’re looking for and make the MDA show guide and online Exhibitor List work for you before you get to the Show and onsite.

On-site, the Manitoba Dentist show guide, signage and the convention app are the first stop for visiting trade show booths

Sponsorship Opportunities
For detailed information on sponsorship opportunities please contact Greg Guenther at [email protected]

Categories include:
  • Speaker Sponsorship (Live) $7500 includes in-person & virtual booth & (On-Demand) $2500 includes virtual booth only.

  • Lunch Sponsorship $7500

  • Lanyard Sponsorship $7500

  • Friday Night Social Event $10,000

  • Coupon Promotional Offers
NOTE – MDA reserves the right to refuse sponsorship proposal based on current partnership under MDA agreements.

Sales FAQ

What is my booth number?
Once booth allocations have been provided refer to the exhibitor listing for your booth number. If there is a discrepancy with your booth number, as it appears on the listing and the corresponding booth on the floor plan notify Greg Guenther by email at [email protected]

Privacy Statement

The MDA is compliant with all Privacy Laws and Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. We do not sell or provide our attendee lists to anyone.
Use #MDACDA2022 on your favourite social media platform to share your convention experience!